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Tips for matching different style, sizes of fencing

Today, we are working in a guy’s backyard. We had to replace some existing wood fence that he had. It was all 6 foot tall, privacy fence. He wanted to get something less intrusive on the neighbor so it’s not so tall. On the side he went with a semi-private fence, 5 foot tall. In the front he went with a 4 foot tall picket fence. He did not like the “prison” look when it is all 6 foot on a small or narrow backyard. It seemed too enclosing.
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Issues with installing a fence close to another fence

Today we are installing a vinyl fence – a colored one. We are setting it alongside a guy’s driveway that comes into his house. He has a narrow lot. There was an existing fence. He had an existing fence that he tore down. He wanted to put up a vinyl one instead. We are putting alongside another wooden fence. He wanted a vinyl fence so there would be less maintenance on his side, no painting or nothing.
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Automated gate operators offer convenient access

This project is for Delta Disposal. They’ve had this fence here for quite some time now. The owner in particular wants a little more convenience in using these gates so we automated this one. He wanted it automated so we got an operator for it. In this case he has a push button also so the secretary can open the gate if she needs to from the inside.
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