Using chain link for new animal shelter kennels

Today we are working at the Delta Animal Shelter. We have a pretty large project outside. We have a lot of 8 foot fence going up. We are actually taking down a lot of the old fence at the old animal shelter and bringing it here. We have our corner posts all set. The fence is going to run down a creek to a back corner and we have a couple of gates.

Inside this outside fence, this 8 foot outside perimeter fence, we have some 6 foot high fence that will be dividers so the dogs can be shown with new owners in different areas, walked in different areas so they can have a few dogs out here at the same time without having to walk one dog at a time.

This outside improvement is going to help a lot for the animal shelter so they can actually handle more dogs.

Over here we have some outside kennels. These outside kennels that we are working on right now, we are drilling holes in the walls and having gates across each one of the kennels. I think there are 28 outside kennels here that are all going to be gated with more fence on top of the walls. That is what we a going to prep for right now. We have brackets in the corner. It will have three foot high fence on top of this. Outside, the fence is going to be about 9 feet tall. A dog shouldn’t be able to climb over the fence and get out of here.

We also have kennels on the inside but today we are just trying to get some the anchors in so that we can hold the posts for the gates and framework for the fence.
Inside the animal shelter we have more kennels. This area is actually going to have a roof on top with the three foot high fence and gates in here. On the outside is the outside kennel so they have a doggie door going between them.

This is actually the quarantine area. It’s a very nice project. The fence has top and bottom rail. There’s also another area inside where they have a drop off area. They will be able to open up the door and put in a dog that might be a stray. It is cut off from the rest of the building. The police will be able to put them there. There are two different kennels in that location that is just for a drop off.

That’s our project so far. We will have updates on the website as we go along on the project.